About us

Our Mission

  • We strive to maintain & improve the wellness of mankind via:-
  • Advocating the importance of healthy lifestyle through preventative measures
  • Share the latest and greatest healthcare products and advice to its client
  • Respond to our client's inquiries in a timely manner
  • Continue development in our products through our know - how and resources
  • Providing current & accurate information that you and your family can depend on

Our Vision - 5P

Planet - Be a responsible company that helps to build and support the community & ecological environment 

Partners - Nurture a winning culture with customers, suppliers & employees; United we stand! 

Profit - Maximize long-term profit while being mindful of our overall activities. 

People - To support & serve every household

Product - Unrivaled portfolio of excellent products exceeding today's world need & demand

Our Culture

Clients' satisfaction and commitment to improve the general health and lifestyle shape our integral responsibility to deliver our quality products to our clients whenever possible. 

Currently, we serve four countries in South East Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam namely.

Having affiliates strategic partners overseas ensure our products safely delivered, conveniently used and support/service accomplished.  

Customers' satisfaction is KENHO's achievement.