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Shower Head Filter Benefits 1

Benefit of Shower Head Filter

1. Bacteria reside in showerheads

You probably never think about that 60% of shower heads tested contained bacteria and microorganisms, the mostprevalent being mycobacterium avium , a pathogen that can cause pulmonary disease. With this millions of microorganisms and bacteria are piled up inside your unfiltered shower head, ready do rain down on you the minute you turn the faucet handle.

It seems like this is all you need to hear before you decide that you need a shower filter, but the benefits of installing one reach far beyond gross showerhead goo.

2. Look younger and save money

There are some pretty convincing cosmetic reasons for getting a shower head filter. The problem with having even trace amounts of chlorine in your shower water is that it bonds to the skin and hair, removing moisture and disrupting the balance of necessary, helpful bacteria that resides on your body.

The shower head filter also bring you cosmetic help which filtered The Chorine in shower water that removing moisture and disrupting the balance of necessary that may lead to

  • dry, irritated skin. It can also contribute to premature signs of aging, such as discoloration and wrinkles. A shower filter neutralizes the chemicals, leaving your skin with a natural softness and luster that is noticeable the very first time you use it. Do you suffer from red, itchy skin after showering? A filter may help you out.

  • Chlorine strips the natural oils that moisturize hair follicles and leaves you with dry, frizzy hair and a scaly, irritated scalp. Shower filters can restore your hair’s natural shine and texture, taming frizz and increasing elasticity. You wouldn’t be the first who got their youthful, soft glossy hair back. Plus, you’ll save money because you will no longer need to buy expensive conditioners, hot oil treatments, or trips to the hair salon. A friend of mine was able to stop treating her head with lotion because of scalp flakes after installing a filter.

  • Chlorinated water speeds the aging process. Some studies show similar effects as to those from extensive sun exposure. EPA formulates it like this: “chlorine byproducts trigger the production of free radicals in the body, causing cell damage, and are highly carcinogenic”.

People who switched to using a shower filter note that “the very first time you shower you can feel the difference in your hair and skin”. In other words, shower head filters make you look younger.

3. More chlorine enters your body via inhalation while showering than through drinking tap water

The chemical chlorine, used by water treatment facilities, reduces pathogenic bacteria in our water yet it’s byproducts are hazarous to our health. When chlorine reacts with organic matter in water it forms disinfectant byproducts, aka trihalomethanes (THMs) one of which is the cancer-causing chloroform.

It is often claimed that, when showering your pores open which leads to increased dermal absorption of toxic substances such as chlorine and its byproducts. By taking a shower without a water filter, you are even more susceptible to chlorine and chloramine than by merely drinking unfiltered water

The health risks caused by chlorine absorption are explained as follows in a paper by The Department of Community Health:

The skin does not absorb chlorine well, but small amounts can pass through the skin when people are exposed to chlorine
gas, bleach, or come into contact with water or soil containing high levels of chlorine. Although small amounts of chlorine can pass through the skin, it is eliminated from the body rapidly. Chlorine may irritate or burn the skin, especially moist areas.”

4. A shower head water filter may help you feel fitter

Do you sometimes feel worse after a long, hot shower than when you first got in? It might be due to chlorine absorption and inhalation. Chlorine exposure can cause physical fatigue, mental depression, and a lowered autoimmune function, making it harder for your body to ward off infectious diseases and allergic reactions. A shower filter will get rid of those harsh vapors, strengthening your immune system and leaving your mind truly envigorated.

5. Research demonstrates showering can cause cancer

Vaporized, inhaled chlorine damages lungs. The Center for Disease Control confirms that people who take hot showers are more exposed to chlorine and its hazardous by-products than those who drink unfiltered tap water. This is because when the unfiltered water is heated, the chlorine turns into a gas and is absorbed into the skin or inhaled.

  • Multiple studies demonstrate that the link between chlorinated water and cancer may actually be even more due to showering than drinking chlorinated tap water. This while a meta studyalready found a link between drinking chlorinated water and cancer.

6. Chlorinated showers may be risky for pregnant women

For women who are pregnant, a shower filter is vital in reducing chlorine exposure that may not only put the mother’s health at risk, but the unborn child as well.

  • study conducted by a team in England determined that women who drank or took showers in unfiltered water laced with chlorine and chloramine contamination resulted in various complications with the pregnancy, including spontaneous abortions, stillbirth, low birth weight, premature delivery, and a spectrum of birth defects ranging from nerve damage to weak hearts.

7. Children may run developmental health risks

For children, a hot bath or shower with unfiltered municipal water could have dangerous effects on their development. In Belgium, a study was done to find out if there was any correlation between school children who spent time breathing the air in an indoor swimming pool and an increase in lung permeation and the development of asthma.

Children who played frequently at the pool had an increased risk of developing juvenile asthma, and in some cases the symptoms were severe. 

8. Chlorinated shower damps are known to cause asthma and allergy attacks

Asthma and allergy sufferers are reported to have fewer attacks when using shower head water filters blocking the irritants. Even though outdoor air quality has improved the past decades asthma among children has increased by over 300%. Researchers think poor indoor air quality due to synthetic chemicals, especially from vaporized shower water, may be a cause.

Also remarkably, the incidence of sinus infections has significantly increased since the Spring of 1990. This is theorized to be likely caused by increased (indoor) air pollution and antibiotics use. Chlorine is known to cause inflammation of the sinus linings.